Why Mac recovery utilities are priced higher than Windows versions

Generally speaking a quality tool for Mac recovery will cost around twice the price of a similar tool for rescue of files on a Windows PC. One of the reasons for this is that Windows recovery requires a program to scan the PC hard drive or any Windows file system based external device searching for Windows operating system based file extensions and/or the inherent structure of those file types. What this means simply is that a Windows file when scanned for in a deleted file sector of a hard drive looks like a Windows file.

Mac files on the other hand are created in two very different manners. Earlier versions of the Mac operating system use what is known as the type/creator system of cataloging files. This was an extremely efficient method of storage as it allowed one to avoid steps using the folder system and more readily access applications. The newer Mac OS X operating system does correspond somewhat with new Windows OS but only so far as to cross reference popular applications.