Why a Windows error screen is not such a bad thing

Believe it or not if you go to start up your Windows based PC and discover instead of the welcome screen a blue or black Windows error message this is a good sign. While it is true this is not the best reading and all of us would prefer that Windows simply work perfectly indefinitely, the Windows error screen in this case is far preferable to a simple failure to start with no explanation. Those situations usually imply that our computer has a permanently destroyed motherboard.

The Windows error screen in blue or black leads us in the direction of a hard disk drive that has failed merely due to a software problem. We rectify the situation by reinstalling our Windows operating system. Prior to this reinstallation we should attempt to use a data recovery program on our hard drive so as to rescue all of our stored data as well as recover deleted files that may have been related to the logic crash. If necessary it is possible to recover deleted files after formatting occurs by the process of reinstalling our operating system.