Way to perform easy undelete files.

Files are the best containers to keep the co-related information. When the details are processed into information then it is converted to data. Regardless of what kind of information are processed but lastly the files becomes important from user’s aspects. The negative side of the files is that they could be lost or erased effortlessly if they’re not handled correctly and then it might be hard to restore files.


Files with text are known as text files. To create this kind of file, MS Word can be used (mostly) which not only offers the facility to include text within the files but many more kinds of objects could be added. The additional benefit to make use of the Word application is, it provides some of the best features, that are merge mails, preview them, choose the readers etc. The Word application is actually very effective in its concentrated work areas that is to create files and supply extra added features for them.

Another application of Microsoft Office is PowerPoint. It expresses the concept in an exceedingly innovative as well as in a beautiful way. MS PowerPoint is essentially accustomed to present some text in various styles. You can include pictures, audios, videos, etc for your presentation to really make it look more appealing and significant.

MS PowerPoint and Word both of them are programs of Microsoft Office. Although, they’re so effective, however the files produced with them might face many problems like deletion, loss, corruption etc. You can retrieve Word Doc and various kinds of files but still you should know how the trouncing of files happens.

To understand all the measures for loss & deletion, you need to give a glimpse on individual ways that if you simply follows,  will result in deletion of data. If you overrule the methods to make use of the files, then this makes the deletion or loss of files.

  1. If you’re working on the file/files either of Word or other application, and rash closing of the application happens, then it might cause problems.
  2. Moving the doc (other files) from one medium to a different & meanwhile if power failure happens then this can lead to a loss of files.
  3. Shift + Delete button can lead to deletion of files from the hard disk drive that too by missing the Trash or Recycle Bin which may lead to complete deletion.

If you possess glimpse on these situations then you’ll come to know that the situations are extremely familiar to you, because this might take place once in a month. Then to prevent the deletion / loss of files you need to follow few precautions. Installing of anti-virus, good power supply, closing of application & ejecting must be done according to the recommendations. If things are adopted correctly then the majority of the data loss situations are going to be finished. If you’re missing the files out of your hard drive then what can be done? Recovery while using a tool can be achieved.

How to retrieve deleted ppt files or Word file?

If you wish to recover these files then make use of the recovery software. Recovery Software is made to recover files efficiently. Regardless of which extension files are lost / erased, the software is built to recover all sorts of files like DOC, PST, PPTX, etc.