Repair AVI File Error Downloading Codec

Hello, while I was transferring AVI video files from my memory card to system, suddenly my system get shut down. Later when I open my system to play those AVI video file, it displays an error message. That AVI video file is one of my favorite video files and I can’t lose it at any cost. Can anyone know how to repair AVI file error downloading codec on my Windows system?”

Have you ever encountered with such situation then don’t get panic? In such situation, you can opt Repair AVI Mac software to repair AVI file error downloading codec. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your entire storage device and repairs AVI video file without affecting its original file as the software is read-only, it creates a copy of the AVI video file and repairs the corrupted AVI video file.

Reasons behind codec errors while trying to play AVI video files:

  • Downloading AVI video files from unauthorized sites can cause harmful virus infection to the codec program which leads to codec error.
  • If there is no proper codec available on the system to support AVI video file, then AVI video file shows an error message when tried to play.
  • When you try to play AVI video file on unsupported media player then there are more chances that your important AVI video file will shows codec error.
  • When you are downloading AVI video file from web and such time if a power surge occurs then these files may get damaged or corrupted.

Various error messages when your media player is unable to play AVI video file:

  • The source filter for this file couldn’t be loaded (Error – 80040241)
  • Unable to download an appropriate decompressor (Error – 80040200)
  • Can’t play back the file. The format is not supported (Error – 80040265)
  • One or more codecs required to open this content couldn’t be found (Error – C00D10D1)
  • Can’t play back the video stream, no suitable decompressor could be found (Error – 80040255)

If your AVI video file gets corrupted due to codec issues, then you can opt Repair AVI Mac software to repair AVI file error downloading codec.  Repair AVI Mac software is easy and provide simple steps to repair AVI video file codec errors and extracts a healthy video without altering the original file.

Features of Repair AVI Mac Software:

  • Fixes codec errors in AVI, DivX, Xvid, etc. file formats
  • Repairs AVI codes errors on both Mac and Windows system
  • Repairs AVI video file stored on a memory card, hard drives, USB drive, external hard drive, pen drives, etc.
  • Provides an option called Preview option using which you can repair AVI video file prior to restoration.
  • Download demo version of the software to check the effectiveness of the software.