Recovering from a PC logic crash

Crashed hard drive recovery is perhaps the ultimate example of a catch 22 situation in the information technology world. The problem begins when we attempt to start up a desktop or laptop Windows based PC and instead of seeing the Windows logo or welcome screen are met with a blue or black error screen message. The message tells us that important files needed to start up our computer and grant access to other files on the hard drive have been corrupted and are now missing.

After being told the files are missing from the hard drive, we are instructed to replace them. But we cannot replace them unless the computer will load up and give us access to the hard drive. But the hard drive will not boot up because of missing files. Hence you see why we reference this as the famous catch 22 scenario. We can solve this problem by using powerful hard disk data recovery software such as that offered by Remo Software. Remo has a complete suite of data recovery tools available.