Recover pictures from SD cards

In 2001 Secure Digital Cards (SD card) was invented by SanDisk. SD cards use flash memory to store your photos, audio and video files in digital cameras. SD cards are slim, compact and it is easy to handle with its high portability. These cards are mainly used in portable devices like, digital cameras, handheld computers, digital video camcorders etc. SD card uses high speed data transfer capacity and are of different types, viz. mini SD cards, micro SD cards etc.  Similar to other external storage devices, SD cards are also prone to data loss. Data can be lost or deleted due to various reasons like accidental deletion, formatting or corruption of files. To recover pictures from SD card you need to have best recovery software, which helps you to recover SD card files. The software should be able to recover files from various operating systems.

The SD card recovery software recovers deleted or lost files from different data loss situations like accidental deletion of files from the SD card, loss of files due to SD card corruption, files may get corrupt due to damage in file system of SD card, loss of files while transferring photos from one SD card to another storage device etc. Accidental deletion of files may occur unexpectedly while previewing files from your digital camera by pressing the delete option. All these scenarios may lead data loss from SD card. You need to take some precautions to prevent these problems of loosing or deleting of files from your SD card or any other devices. Follow the few simple steps mentioned below to avoid data loss.

Precautionary measures to be taken are as follows:

  • Make a backup of your important data regularly.
  • Make sure that, your battery is sufficiently charged before start of transferring files from SD cards to other devices.
  • Do not remove neither battery nor card when the camera is connected to the PC.
  • Do not overwrite any new data to the damaged or affected SD card.

However, even after many precautions also, there may be still chances for accidental deletion or loosing of files. The better way to keep your data safe you need to use good SD card recovery software to restore your lost or deleted files from SD card. Before selecting any recovery software, you need to test the trail version to evaluate the chances of recovery. If you are satisfied with its trial version result, then buy the full version of the software.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is the best recovery software tool to recover all deleted or missed files from the SD card or any other external devices. The most advantage point is that, it is very easy for users to interact with this software. Because, all steps to recover deleted or missed files are mentioned very clearly with snapshots. One can follow those steps easily and recover all deleted or missed files form SD card without missing a single file also. It can be used in different operating systems like, Microsoft Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2003, and Windows server 2008 also. This software can also be used to recover files from other storage device like external hard drive and USB drives.