Recover Deleted Files on iPod

iPod is digital music player developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is released in 2001 by Steve Jobs. He said customers could travel with 1000 songs in their pockets in the release function. It has four major versions as iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. The storage capacity of the iPods ranges from 2GB to 160GB. It differs much from other digital music players by its performance and compactness. It runs on Apple A4 CPUs and Samsung ARM. It is used in the education field to give lessons as audio files. Apple website has released various uses of iPods in educational field and gained popularity for doing so. iPod got its name from Vinnie Chieco ,a freelance copywriter along with other professionals from the film “A SPACE ODYESSY”. He found analogy between relationship of the pods with spacecraft and the one of personal computers with digital music players and proposed the name.

Imagine you have used an anti-virus utility to scan your iPod and later you have realized that the software deleted some of your favorite songs along with the virus. Do you want the deleted songs retrieved?

Assume that you have collected speeches of your child in his school and college since his childhood. You used to hear that many times as it made you happy. You have stored it in your iPod. While storing new songs to the iPod you have deleted some audio files and after that you have realized that you have deleted some audio files of your child’s speeches. Are you worried so much? Do you want to hear those words again? Yes, it can be done easily because when you delete files, it is not erased permanently off the internal memory. The space occupied by those files is allocated to some other data to be overwritten. Until other data occupies the space, it does present in the internal memory. So when you delete a file by mistake, do not store any file in that internal memory till recovery. Files lost through virus infection, files deleted by anti-virus program, accidentally deleted, unknowingly formatted, etc. falls within the same category and the data lost can be recovered through software utilities. To avoid data lose, use updated versions of anti-virus software. Do not remove the iPod from the system without checking “safe remove hardware” utility.

Recover deleted files on iPod software restores the deleted files from the iPod through its strong algorithm and very deep scanning process. It works with Windows and Macintosh. It supports file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX, etc. Hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. are well supported. It finishes the scanning in few minutes. It can also be used to recover files from memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, etc.

This software can be downloaded for trial version. The trial versions shows only recovered songs and it cannot be stored to some other location. With preview option, you can check the efficiency of the software and once satisfied you can use the full version.