Memory Stick pro storage capacity and usage

An interesting thing about memory stick digital media is that the original format was only 64 MB in size. That has been like its counterpart SD card expanded upon time and again. Today a memory stick solid state device can easily yield 4 GB of storage and more. This would be in the memory stick pro format. Because data transfer rates using a memory stick are exceptionally good these devices have remained popular with digital photographers.

In 2009 Sandisk announced the upcoming availability of the memory stick XC. This somewhat small digital storage device has a potential capacity of 2 TB. Needless to say the device is not available yet but it does insure the continued use of memory stick design. Therefore the need to recover photos from corrupted memory stick storage will no doubt continue and will likely be handled by quality tools for photo recovery from Remo Software. Remo Software offers a complete assortment of data recovery tools including digital media recovery programs to recover lost data from flash drive devices.