How to Run Windows and Mac at the Same Time?

Here’s we can explain how to install and run Windows and Mac at the same time. We will cover the two main methods which helps to run Windows and Mac at the same time. Boot Camp and VMWare are the two method which install Windows on Mac OS and both run simultaneously.

How to install Windows on Mac: Boot Camp or VMWare?

There are the two ways to run Windows OS on a Mac, but you need to purchase a Windows license to run both operating system at the same time. The one of the simple method to boot into Windows at startup and use your Mac OS X as a Windows PC throughout your computing session. This is one of the possible way to do because the required method Boot Camp is built into OS X. It also offers the best performance because your Mac hardware easily running Windows OS.

The one of the other option is to use visualization software. This is slightly more complicated to do and requires a third-party software such as Parallel Desktop or VMWare Fusion.. By using this software you can switch from Mac to Windows, but it does mean that your other storage devices such as Mac’s processor, hard drive, pen drive, memory and so on are having to run two operating system simultaneously. The disadvantage of this your system performance is slow.

This software available only for Mac models containing an Intel chip.The uncomplicated installation process takes a more time about an hour, and entails burning a CD or DVD, inserting a Windows installation CD and waiting around a lot. You can also choose an either Mac or Windows operating system when you start up the computer and perform certain operation.

If you choose Windows operating system, then by heavens, you are in Windows. You can install and run your various Windows programs such as games, movies download software, adobe reader, etc. If you want to know more information about how to run both Windows and Mac OS at the same time, then check it out this page

Correction: They run faster and well than they ever did. Most of the users comment that an Intel Mac operating system runs Windows OS faster than any PC they have ever owned. And if the Windows operating system side ever gets blocked down due to viruses and spyware infection, you can switch into Mac OS X and keep right on being productive.

You have to reboot the computer every time when you switch systems. As a result of this, you can’t copy and paste between Mac and Windows programs. And when you want to run program on Windows OS, you have to close everything you were working on Mac OS X and shutdown. In Windows and then reverse the process when you are done. You lose two or three minutes each way. Parallels Company has found a simple way to eliminate all of those drawbacks and to run Windows XP and Mac OS X simultaneously.