How to recover lost digital camera photos

Modern digital cameras have high resolution and high data storage capacity. The resolution of digital camera depends on number of pixels that is the resolution increases as number of pixels are increased. In digital camera the captured pictures are stored as data files. Size of memory determines the number of photos which are stored in digital camera. Most of the cameras have only 8 Megabytes of storage capacity and in that you can store only 10 to 40 photos. Therefore removable memory cards are used to store large number of photos in digital camera. The type of memory card depends on type of camera you have. The photos are stored in different file formats in different cameras. For example in Canon camera the photos are stored in CRW and CR2 file formats.

However there are some scenarios in which you may lose photos from digital camera. The reason for data loss is mainly due to digital camera errors and user errors. The photo recovery software is used to recover lost digital camera photos. This software displays recovered photos on screen before restoration. Some important reasons of data loss from digital camera are explained below.

  • Taking photos when the battery is low in digital camera results in data loss. Your memory card may get corrupt if you try to capture photos even after showing low battery condition on digital camera.
  • The photos from digital cameras are lost due to improper ejection of memory card. Removal of memory card during write or erase process causes memory card corruption.
  • Sometimes digital camera displays errors, and then there is a chance of losing data. The errors are like memory card not formatted now format it, and then you may lose all photos from camera by selecting format option.
  • The memory card may get corrupt due to its usage in different digital cameras. The camera manufacturers customize specific memory cards for different digital cameras.
  • In some situations, photos from digital camera are deleted accidentally. This happens due to human mistake.
  • Memory card may get corrupt due to capturing of next photo without completion of previous image saving process. Every digital camera takes some time to save captured photos.
  • The photos are also deleted by pressing Delete All button while using digital camera. You can undelete photos by using photo recovery software.

Anyway if you lost photos from digital camera, use Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition software to recover lost photos. This software is designed especially to recover photos from digital camera. This is one of the fastest recovery tool and easy to use. It recovers all types of files such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG etc. This software is also helpful to recover music and video files along with photos. You can also recover photos from any type of storage media such as flash memory cards, USB external drives, iPods etc. This software has preview option to view recovered photos before restoring them. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate photo recovery.