How to Mend PST Files?

Can repair infected PST files? Perhaps, this is the query of countless Microsoft Outlook users. All of the Outlook attributes are saved in a PST file. Corruption issues are quite normal and simultaneously they’re also pretty devastating to the person who owns the PST files. For this reason it’s a natural question from you. Inbuilt Inbox repair tool as well as few third party applications to handle the corruptions on PST files. You may use built-in Inbox Repair Tool which is given by the Microsoft for Outlook users for those who have got your PST files infected.

Microsoft Outlook is a well known email server presented by Microsoft to establish communication among the employees of your company within the location or out of your association. It’s most favored utility by the IT professionals and to share valuable contacts, emails, messages, tasks, journals, notes, etc. In case your PST file gets corrupted, this can be a troubling situation. In the event you desired to ask how to repair PST file Outlook 2013. Then utilization of the PST scan tool will remove corruptions occurring on the Outlook 2013. With the deployment of this multitalented PST repair tool, you could eliminate defects persisting on Outlook 2013 along with other versions of Outlook.

However, In case your PST files are rigorously corrupted, then internal Inbox Repair tool might not enable you to remove corruptions. Don’t get panic on this; you could still mend defects existing on the PST file through the usage of PST Scan tool. It contains detailed knowledge about limitations of the Inbox Repair tool, specifics of the corruption scenarios and respective solution associated with Personal Storage Table. Additionally, you’ll get information regarding the Outlook PST scan tool for different versions of the Microsoft Outlook as example Outlook 2010, 2000, 2007, 2013, etc.

Following are Top features of the Multitasking PST Repair Tool

  • Works extremely well to repair and recover password protected files
  • You may use this software , in case you are struggling to view your emails, contacts, reports, tasks, notes and all sorts of other Outlook attributes
  • This tool may be employed on all type of Outlook versions such Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2007, etc.
  • Mend file is generated in Outlook 2010 and 2003 format which facilitates easy import of the PST file
  • PST files which are corrupted as a consequence of oversize issue on Outlook 2000 can can even be fixed through this tool
  • Defected PST files which can not be repaired by using the Inbox Repair Tool are quickly and easily repaired through Outlook PST scan tool