Simple Way to Replace or Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive

It is very much possible that your PS4 run on low space. This might be happen due to larger video files and games which covers so much space on the hard drive. But this is not a big issue because you can easily solve this issue by replacing PS4 hard drive. Now a days there are lots of game available in market having larger size, but as the size of the games increases it’s very easy to fill up on PS4. So, in case if you want to crate space for games like Fallout 4, Street Fighter 5, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Before drive replacement, you must need to back up your data on any storage device because sometimes users accidentally broke or damage the drive which all data stored. Accident or you can say deletion happen and will always happen. Before backup you must know that installed games never be backed up, but saved games can.

Simple Way to Replace or Upgrade PS4 hard drive:

The best way to do this is by using USB stick and then navigate to PS4 to the settings. In settings go to application saved data management. Then after saved data in system storage, in this you will see the option to save your data to the USB stick.

As you’ll be changing the hard drive, that also means you’ll be taking away the operating system that the PS4 (play Station 4) uses to do, well, everything. Before you begin then it’s important that you create a bootable USB stick (1GB will be fine) so you can quickly reinstall the OS once you’ve replaced the drive.

How to play PS4: Installation and activation

1) Download and install the app: From the official website download and install PC Play. Windows 10 PC users may come across some alert like “Windows protected your PC” when they try to open upgrade PC Play for the first time. This alert may occurs because software is new and Windows operating system does not recognize that it has any ‘reputation’. Just click ok when this alert comes and afterwards the application will open.

2) Activate the app. Activate the app by entering the license key provided in your invoice email. Once the app is activated, it will display a message confirming that activation was successful.

3) Re-open the app: Re-open the PC Play app.

How to play PS4 with entering register number from your PS4:

1) Head to the Remote Play Connected menu: On this app, click on Settings and then go to Remote Play Connection Settings, and add Device and note the number that displayed on the screen.

2) Enter info on the app: In this PC Play application, enter the number in the PIN field as well as an online ID of the account on your PS4.

3) Complete registration: Click to “Register” and after few seconds a message will display informing that PS4 has been registered. Once this process is over, click on OK option to continue.