Program to Recover Data from Corrupted Micro SD Card

Micro SD card is used for storing all kinds of multimedia files like images, songs, music, videos and others. As this Micro SD card is so compact and slim, it is very easy to take anywhere that makes one of the popular storage device in these days. This convenience means that they get lot of use and sometimes there occurs a disaster where you end up with loss of files due to corruption of Micro SD card. On such instances, everybody will be thinking on how to recover files from corrupted Micro SD card?

This corruption issues on Micro SD card can take place because of some known or unknown reasons. Whatever might be the reasons behind for the corruption of Micro SD card, it is very easy to execute recovery operation on corrupted Micro SD card with the aid of reliable third party tool named as SDXC card recovery software. This SDXC card recovery tool is developed with special algorithm that scans the Micro SD card to locate and recover data from corrupted Micro SD card by using its unique file attributes. It is possible to restore generic photo files like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, etc from corrupted Micro SD card in few simple steps. In addition to this, you can also restore RAW photo types such as CRW, KDC, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAW, ARW, ORF, RAF, X3F, and lot more RAW photo types that are supported by a variety of professional DSLR camera brands.

Causes that leads to corruption of Micro SD card

  • Virus infection on mobile phone where you are using Micro SD card as the storage drive can corrupt the card holding all the necessary files.
  • Improper removal of Micro SD card from the cell phone during read/write process like file transfer will render corruption to the Micro SD card.
  • Storing new files when the Micro SD card storage capacity is full also leads to corruption of Micro SD card.
  • Connecting same Micro SD card on different electronic gadgets, file system of the Micro SD card gets corrupted and you will be unable to view the contents stored on it.

No matter, how the Micro SD card is subjected to corruption, SDXC card recovery tool has an ability to retrieve files from corrupted Micro SD card without facing any difficulty. As this program has user friendly interface, even a novice can perform data recovery on corrupted Micro SD card easily.

Additional features of SDXC card recovery toolkit

It is possible to retrieve data from corrupted SDHC, Mini SD, XD, SDXC, MMC, CF, etc. memory cards that is manufactured by Sony, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, Transcend and other popular brands with the supports of this SDXC card recovery tool. If you are the one who is struck up with the issue on how to recover files from corrupted SD card then this SDXC card recovery tool helps you a lot in restoring files from corrupted SD card.  Other than Memory cards, this application can also get back files from external hard drives, FireWire drive, Memory Stick, USB flash drive, internal hard disk, etc with the help of this SDXC card recovery wizard.

Undelete SD Card Data from Phone

SD card is the smart digital card which is used for in many of the storage applications where in which the user can easily save and access the files which are present in it. Pictures, video files and songs is the content which occupies most of the space present in the storage media. This data present on the sd card can be shared among different users. Some times during the process of transfer of files from one device to other or due to some accidental human errors the information which had been saved in it gets lost. Need not get upset! This is not the permanent loss of flies that have been saved in it. Only the links have been removed so that the user can add new information in it. Use the services of this SD card recovery tool to get to know how to undelete files from phone sd card effectively.

Get familiar with some of the reasons that cause loss of from your SD card which is present in your cell phone:

Unintentional Deletion:  During the process of deleting some unwanted files that have been saved in the device the user accidentally selects all the files that are present in the folder and use the delete all option provided in the list which removes each and every one of the files that were present. Hence while deleting the files the user must be careful else there will be a huge data loss.

Using the restore Factory Settings option: While trying to change the settings that are present your cell phone, the user might end up in place where in which he cannot find the way to reset the settings that he had changed. Hence using the restore factory settings is the only option that is left to get back your original file settings.  Doing this when the SD card is still attached to the system will result in loss of information stored in it.

With help of this SD card recovery application the user can easily get back all the files and folders that were saved in the device without much effort. The files which are recovered after the completion of the recovery process are listed on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the file was created, different signatures that are associated with the file and so on. Using the service of the Find Tool, you can easily get to know which an all types of files are present in the recovered list and use the different signatures that are associated with these files to find the exact information. Preview the files before saving them on desired location as it’s available to the host operating system user.

Memory cards are nothing but the storage devices which are supported on various electronic equipments present. The files which are stored in these devices get deleted or lost as result of various scenarios. Get to know how to retrieve memory card data by using the advanced features which are present in this card recovery tool.

CF is the abbreviation given to Compact Flash cards. These compact flash cards are most popularly developed for cameras which capture and store the photos and other information. Due to uncertainties those files that were present in the device get deleted or lost leading to loss of valuable information. Well! There is no need to worry!  You can easily recover cf card files and get access to the information which was present on it.

Recuperation of SD card after loss of files

SD card is the best mean to keep the data but what if the card is corrupted and later you find that the data which you were having is missing?

Alas…only the word you can say and if the lost file is important to you then there could be more trouble. But no worries there are option opened for you that is to go for the backups…

What you don’t have backups? Then what else you can do to save your data will see all these conditions below one by one.

SD card are used to keep hold on data by different devices it is used to keep files like mp3, photos, backups etc. Supporting the portability feature SD card also supports compatibility feature with most of the devises and is durable too.

This was in the terms of usage but people don’t handle the card carefully and then face the loss as there are conducts which results in data loss and they occur is because peoples are not aware of them.

No worries have to be taken as there are ways to do SD card data recovery. But though there is a way to recuperate the data but is not reliable all the time so better to avoid the loss.

SD card have the compatibility feature that is with every system and almost with all the OS system like Windows, Mac systems etc. 400 different brands device support SD card and they do come with different capacity to hold the data. So to recovery deleted files from SD cards could difficult as there are different mean use these cards to save data.

What all are the most prominent and primary ways which results in data loss?

File header corruption as there is MBR in each card to get boot and if corrupted then reach to inaccessible state.

Virus attack to the card when connected to the infected PC could corrupt all the data in it and can lead to data loss.

Saving virus corrupted files to the card and then operating with it from different devices.

To keep the data safe in and to avoid the data loss from SD card you got some scenarios:

  • Always keep updated version of antivirus in your PC, which means the antivirus must be updated on monthly basis.
  • Genuine version of software can help else most the time software glitches can do the loss.
  • Creating back up for those important data is the best way to keep your data safe in SD cards as well.

These precautions are well designed to save the loss from user’s conducts, but as the storage device is having a curse of data loss somehow or the other there could be data loss. Therefore you can use the download software links to do the recovery of SD data cards.

Keeping eye on lost data and fetching back from SD card

Cards are the smallest medium to save the data which is totally based on chip based technology. There are varieties of cards which are available to save the data and user select them which depends on their requirement.

SD card is one amongst them which comes in different sizes and capacity. This card is used in order to save the data in different devices which have no extra memory. These devices must support the expandable features to extend the memory through mediums.

Cameras which is one of the best mediums to preserve moments but these are in the form of digital photos which need some device to get saved in the device and keep data secure for a long time. So SD cards are used to save the photos in cameras.

Why and what is the need of SD card when camera have their own memory?

Yes off course this question have to be answered as there is inbuilt memory in camera but the space is not that enough to save large data in it and so this is the reason to save the data in SD card. But sometimes these SD cards gets corrupted and with respect to the data nothing is in the hand. So again if you need data to be retrieved than you need to “recover SD card”.

To Recover SD card photos  is easy task to accomplish but is not reliable at the same time. Better or worse in some cases there is a chance of recovery.

One or the other reasons is there for recovery but what actually made data to loss and what circumstances are there where one loses his data, is this the fault of memory card, camera or …This is off course someone’s mistakes  and most of the time it’s the mistake of the user but sometimes unfortunately it happens.

The camera is compatible and can be connected to the system for synchronization so if connected to the infected system then there will be lots of chances for corruption so not installing the antivirus in the system could be the biggest reason for the data loss, while synchronization of photos from camera to the system and from system to camera battery loss or failed connections can delete the files, clicking of photos or videos while low battery can cause problems.

There are many more reasons which are not even known to the user and due to this awareness users face data loss.

So you can keep backups of the required files and if not then better to have the restoring points, this will help you to retain the data regularity. And if you are not supported with the above tools then you need to download the software from the internet.

At the end one thing which every user must keep in mind and that is recovery of any of the storage device is not reliable all the time so its always recommended to have the precaution better to have curing procedures.