Best Software to Fix Damaged DOCX File

MS Word is an amazing word processing software developed by Microsoft Corporation. It’s a most preferred application and is widely used by large number of people around the world. Ranging from a small business organization to big MNCs and education departments, governing agencies everyone uses MS Word. The basic use of this MS Word application is to write letters, publishing circular and articles, making notes, etc. The files created using Word program takes extension as DOCX files, but if you take earlier versions of this Word program .doc was supposed be the extension of files. This change from DOC to DOCX files was implemented to MS Word 2007, since then all the versions of MS Word app that was released by Microsoft will save files in DOCX format.

Most of the times due to some unforeseen reasons, these DOCX files get damage. Once it gets damaged, the file will become inaccessible and whenever you try opening the file some error messages will pop up on your computer screen. Suppose any of your important DOCX file gets damaged and it fails to get accessed, then it is obvious you’ll get disappointed. But, now there’s nothing to get worried, since DOCX file repair application is there to assist you. If you make use of this repair app, then you can fix damaged DOCX file with utmost ease. DOCX file repair software is a renowned and one of the advanced repair tools that has the capability of repairing severely damaged or corrupted DOCX Word files. Not only DOCX file, it can even repair damaged DOC file. It’s a read only software, which means it will not do any modification or alteration to the same DOCX file that has been already damaged, rather it just scans and makes one more copy of that file, which will be same as that of original one. This remarkable repair app has been developed by highly experienced IT professionals. The most important thing is, there exists a support team for rendering technical assistance for the users who make use of this tool for fixing corrupt or damaged Word documents.

How does DOCX file get damaged?

  • Virus Infection: DOCX file gets highly infected by harmful viruses. When a virus is entered into computer, it will infect all the files that are residing in that PC. If Word DOCX  gets infected by virus, then it’ll get damaged and becomes inaccessible. But if you make use of DOCX file repair utility then you will be able to repair damaged DOCX file with a great ease.
  • Abrupt System Shut Down: One more noted reason for corruption of DOCX file is unexpected shut down of system. Just assume that a DOCX file is being accessed on your computer. As a result of power surge, if your computer shuts down suddenly, then the file that was being accessed will get damaged.
  • Round Tripping: Round tripping is a process of changing the format of file from one type to another type and bringing back to its original type. If you round trip a DOCX file frequently, then the file will get damaged. But still you can fix the damaged document by using DOCX repair app on your computer.
  • Header Corruption: Header of DOCX file plays a very important role; it maintains all the important details of that file. Suppose, if header of DOCX file gets corrupted then the Word file will get corrupt thereby resulting in inaccessibility of file.

Apart from these, there are numerous other reasons due to which your Word DOCX file gets damaged. But there’s nothing to get worried in any respect, the DOCX file repair application assists you in repairing DOCX file after its damage. Right after repairing a damaged DOCX file, you can easily recover all the contents including text, images, formatting, hyperlinks, OLE objects, etc.

Terrific Features of DOCX File Repair Tool:

DOCX file repair application is a most proficient software, which can mend damaged DOCX documents on all available versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It facilitates fixing of damaged Word file that has been created on MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc. With the help of this application, you can fix damaged DOCX file on different types of secondary storage devices including USB flash drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc. It’s a user friendly repair program that helps even a novice user to repair corrupt, damaged or broken Word DOCX file using this DOCX file repair utility. It’s a safe and secure tool with no harmful stuffs such as malignant programs or viruses. Moreover, it’s a fast tool which completes the Word DOCX file repairing process in a very short time. It occupies optimum space on your hard drive, around 50MB of free space is enough. Before purchasing you can test the product by using its demo version, if you get satisfied with it then go for its licensed version to save the repaired Word file.