Deleted Files Recovery Software

If you have accidentally delete a files from your computer running on windows XP operating system, and you recognized that those files are very important. Don’t worry you can recover those deleted files by using deleted files recovery software. This application is efficient in recovering files that are deleted surpassing the recycle bin.

Recover files recycle bin


When you delete a file it’s not entirely deleted from the computer, only the pointer to the file is deleted from the file directory. When you delete a file using delete command you can easily restore the file from the recycle bin. Deleting a files using shift+ delete keys deletes the file bypassing the recycle bin. In such case you cannot restore it easily from the Recycle Bin.  If you want to recover those files deleted bypassing recycle bin, you need a deleted files recovery software.


Choose a software which can retrieve deleted files from both FAT and NTFS file system. A good utility should easily locate deleted files and restore them.  Always download the demo version of the software and evaluate the capability of the software in recovering. Follow the steps given below to restore lost files.

  • Connect the drive from which you want to recover data to a working system as a secondary drive.
  • Install the recovery application to the healthy system.
  • Run the software to restore deleted/lost files.
  • Follow the instruction to retrieve lost/deleted files.


Do not save recovered data on the same partition or drive from where you recovered deleted files.