How to Run Windows and Mac at the Same Time?

Here’s we can explain how to install and run Windows and Mac at the same time. We will cover the two main methods which helps to run Windows and Mac at the same time. Boot Camp and VMWare are the two method which install Windows on Mac OS and both run simultaneously.

How to install Windows on Mac: Boot Camp or VMWare?

There are the two ways to run Windows OS on a Mac, but you need to purchase a Windows license to run both operating system at the same time. The one of the simple method to boot into Windows at startup and use your Mac OS X as a Windows PC throughout your computing session. This is one of the possible way to do because the required method Boot Camp is built into OS X. It also offers the best performance because your Mac hardware easily running Windows OS.

The one of the other option is to use visualization software. This is slightly more complicated to do and requires a third-party software such as Parallel Desktop or VMWare Fusion.. By using this software you can switch from Mac to Windows, but it does mean that your other storage devices such as Mac’s processor, hard drive, pen drive, memory and so on are having to run two operating system simultaneously. The disadvantage of this your system performance is slow.

This software available only for Mac models containing an Intel chip.The uncomplicated installation process takes a more time about an hour, and entails burning a CD or DVD, inserting a Windows installation CD and waiting around a lot. You can also choose an either Mac or Windows operating system when you start up the computer and perform certain operation.

If you choose Windows operating system, then by heavens, you are in Windows. You can install and run your various Windows programs such as games, movies download software, adobe reader, etc. If you want to know more information about how to run both Windows and Mac OS at the same time, then check it out this page

Correction: They run faster and well than they ever did. Most of the users comment that an Intel Mac operating system runs Windows OS faster than any PC they have ever owned. And if the Windows operating system side ever gets blocked down due to viruses and spyware infection, you can switch into Mac OS X and keep right on being productive.

You have to reboot the computer every time when you switch systems. As a result of this, you can’t copy and paste between Mac and Windows programs. And when you want to run program on Windows OS, you have to close everything you were working on Mac OS X and shutdown. In Windows and then reverse the process when you are done. You lose two or three minutes each way. Parallels Company has found a simple way to eliminate all of those drawbacks and to run Windows XP and Mac OS X simultaneously.

Perfect Mac Disk recovery software

Mac OS known for its elevated built-in technology and gui. Mac was created by Apple Inc in making the task easier of theprivate sector employees and home users based on their need and requirement. It uses new file formats like HFS (Hierarchical File System), HFS+, HFSX, etc for storing, managing, and manipulating data on its storage device i.e., hard disk drive. Hard disks are main key storage devices in almost any computer. It comes with different storage capacities and accessing speed for processing large amount of data.Data includes facts, figures, numbers, graphs, files, texts, images, audio, video, or anything that could be processed by an operating system. It’s the most critical asset of any company or an individual. Many computers as well as their components are subject to failure, which might cause critical loss of data. There are few scenarios, in which data loss occurs such as the file system corruption, virus infection, unintentional deletion of files, software conflicts, operating-system corruption, hard drive failure, etc. To recover the data you have to make use of some powerful data recovery software Macfor efficiently recovering deleted and lost data.Nevertheless the data stored in any storage device is not safe. If the data stored exceeds the storage limit, then your operating-system is not able to store any of the data and there’s loss of data. When the file system i.e., HFS, HFS+, HFSX of Mac OS gets corrupt by some harmful virus infecting some of the system files then there’s huge data loss. When the hard disk drive fails as a result of Master Boot Record (MBR) getting corrupt due to power surge or if perhaps it is infected from some virus then also huge data islost and the drive is inaccessible. In this condition to recover data, Mac disk recovery software program is required.

The data loss occurred as a result of unknowingly deleting Mac volume results in huge critical data loss. If some application is within process and there is sudden power cut then the data on which that application was processing is lost. All these reasons stated earlier give rise to major loss of data problems in Mac OS. Well to prevent loss of data you need to have a backup of all files. The backup files needs to be regularly updated and saved in a good external hard drive. If you fail to have an up to date backup then the only means to get back all your deleted and lost data isby utilizing appropriate Mac data recovery software. Remo Recover (Mac) – Pro edition is a wonderful recovery tool of Mac to retrieve deleted and lost data proficiently.

This software has some unique features, which makes it recommended among Mac users. It recovers deleted and lost data from formatted and reformatted volumes or drives. It recovers all types of media files. It recovers files from external hard disk drives, flash memory cards, pen drives, FireWire drives, mp3 players, etc.

You can download the free demo version of thesoftware and check its recovering capability by previewing it. If you are pleased with the recovery result obtained then you can save the recovered result by buying the full version of the software.

How to recover deleted photos from Mac OS

Photos are precious part of memorable moments in your life. They are sweet memories which you have captured during vacation, trip and functions with family members or friends. Everyone wants to keep them throughout their life. You can preserve them in your computer, digital camera or in any storage device. Usually people store them in their personal computer. Accidentally, if you lost those memories from system, you can recover using best recovery software. Recovery software is available based on the Operating system you use for your computer. You can perform photo recovery on Mac using good photo recovery software for Mac Operating System and you can restore all lost files from computer.

Mac recovery software helps you to retrieve all your lost, deleted or missed files from the system. It can also help to recover different types of media files like photos, pictures, songs, movies, and other multimedia files from Mac system. Media files are more prone to loss or deletion while transferring files from one device to another, and while doing copy paste of files. In such time, you need to be careful to avoid data loss.

There are many reasons which may lead to data loss. Some common scenarios are like;

  • Accidental deletion of photos by pressing command + delete key combination or formatting of memory card on Mac operating system, by emptying the trash bin and improper shutting down of the computer leads to data loss.
  • Data loss can also occur if you transfer or copy photos from one storage medium to another.
  • Virus infection is the most risky thing. If your photo is affected with virus, the anti-virus software present in your computer may kill the virus by deleting the photo automatically. Here virus is erased but your photo is also lost.
  • The unexpected or sudden power loss of camera or the system could lead to data loss. Capturing photo when camera is on low battery may lead to loss of that captured photo.
  • Usage of same memory card in different digital devices can also be the cause of data loss.

These are some common scenarios which you face in your daily routine. However, you can follow some precautions to avoid data loss by following below showed points;

  • Keeping backup of your important data regularly is the most basic and essential point each user of the computer or camera should follow.
  • Use good quality power supply to avoid data loss.
  • Do not remove battery or memory card when the camera is connected to the computer.

By following these steps, you may prevent data loss at some extent, but you cannot prevent it completely. The better way is to use recovery software which suits for your camera or computer based on the OS and memory card you use.

Remo Recover (Mac) – Media Edition is the powerful and best recovery application to restore all your lost, deleted, or missed files like photos, audio, video, movies and other media files. This software is available in trial version, you can download and try for its recovery performance. It is user friendly as all steps to recover lost files are mentioned clearly in the manual and snapshots. You can have the preview of your recovered data once the complete recovery process has been finished.