How to Customize the Windows 10 Taskbar

Brief introduction of Windows 10 Taskbar
The Taskbar is the widely accessed tool of Windows operating system. Windows 10 taskbar tool works much like earlier versions of Windows, offering some unique new features of its own. If you love customizing your taskbar, here are the best ways to customize the Windows 10 taskbar.
Pin programs to the taskbar
The easiest way to customize your taskbar is by pinning various programs to it so that you can quickly access them. There are two ways to do this:
• Method 1: Run the app and follow the below procedure:
Launch the program either from “Start” button or an existing shortcut. Then, right-click the app icon which get displayed on-screen indicating that the application is running and click on “Pin to taskbar” option.
• Method 2: Directly pin the program from Start menu
This method does not require an application to be running. Just search the app that you want to pin on the “Start” menu and right-click that app to select “More” tab. Then, click on “Pin to taskbar” button. You can even drag the program icon to the taskbar.
Pin folder to the taskbar
Just like its predecessor, Windows 10 does not support pinning of folders to the taskbar. But, Microsoft had added the ability to pin folders in Windows 10 with a small workaround. Here are the step-by-step instructions in order to pin a folder to the Windows 10 taskbar:
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Step 1: Find the location of the folder
Go to the actual path of the folder that you want to pin to the Windows 10 taskbar.
Step 2: Pin folder to the Start menu
Right-click the folder that you wish to pin to the taskbar and select “Pin to start” icon
Step 3: Pin folder to the taskbar
Once the folder is in the “Start” menu, right-click it and choose “Pin to taskbar” tab
Add or remove Cortana search box from the taskbar
The Cortina search box takes considerable amount of space on the taskbar and might not be useful for searching on small screens. Even without Cortina, if your click Windows key and start typing, you will get the same search results. To remove the search box, right-click the “Taskbar” and select “Cortina” then click on “Hidden” tab. Here you can also click “Show” icon to have just search button on the taskbar.
Change the color of the taskbar
By default, black is the color of taskbar in Windows 10. To change the taskbar color, hold “Windows+I” to open the settings interface and click “Personalization” tab. Next, hit the “Color” icon and select one of the tiles to apply an accent color to the taskbar.
Move the Taskbar to a different location of the screen
In Windows 10, the default location of the taskbar is the bottom edge of the display. However, if you are using small screen devices, you have an option to move the taskbar on the top, right or left edge of a screen. To change the default position of the taskbar, follow these steps:
1. Right-click any empty area of the taskbar and select “Settings” tab.
2. Under “Taskbar settings” screen, find the “Taskbar location on screen” option from the drop-down menu.
3. Next, select Top, Right or Left option and hit “Apply” icon to save the changes.

Recycle Bin is missing on Windows 10

At times, you may discover that your Recycle Bin is missing from Windows 10. This may primarily happen if you have deleted the Recycle Bin icon from the Desktop. Read the below section to know in detail about this issue. Further, an effective solution to get back the missing Recycle Bin has also been discussed.
Why is the Recycle Bin missing on Windows 10?
Basically, when you right-click on Recycle Bin icon, two options namely – Empty Recycle Bin and Delete will be presented to you. So, if you accidentally click on the deleted button then the Recycle Bin short cut will deleted from the Desktop. As a result of this, the Recycle Bin may go missing from Windows 10 desktop. Apart from this, some users have reported that, after upgrading computer to Windows 10, Recycle Bin disappears.
An important point to be noted is that the Recycle Bin is not deleted even after clicking on Delete option but is actually hidden from you. Thus you can easily get back your missing Recycle Bin by unhiding it. In order to unhide the Recycle Bin, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps on Windows 10,
Step 1: To begin with, click on the Start button and then choose Settings option
Step 2: Next select Personalization
Step 3: Thereafter choose Themes and then click on Desktop icon settings
Step 4: Finally, mark the Recycle Bin check box and click on Apply button
Once you have performed the above steps accordingly, the Recycle Bin will get back to its default location(Desktop) from where it was hidden. However after you open the Recycle bin if you notice that you have permanently deleted some important files or emptied it, then do not stress out. This is because, you can restore deleted files Recycle bin recovery software. The application is extremely simple to use and recovers data in just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Most Interesting things about Mac System

macPeople are ever surprised about how long their Mac system has been turned on and running for, people can notice exactly how long the system has been on since last boot with two different ways present in Mac OS X. Let us know a bit more about finding how long a Mac system has been left turned on for, and also, theoretically at least, how long people could leave a Mac computer turned on to.

The simplest way to watch how long it has been turned on for your Mac was booted is to use computer Profiler. From anyplace in Mac OS X, press Command + Spacebar key button and type System Information followed by the Return button to launch the program. Previous or old version of OS X it was known as System Profiler. Select the application from the side menu list and find Time since boot to watch the time it has been since the Mac has been turned on.

A command approach is also realizable. Simply launch the Terminal and type the ‘uptime’ command into the command line to detect precisely how long the system is working. Theoretically, people could leave a Mac system turned on all the time, and also leave it turned on forever. Yes, system will use the power, and people should take that into consideration.

In my case, I personally never turn off my Mac computer until I am going to the outside and not using the Mac system a couple of days, otherwise I just left it on and never turn it off at all. Certain, I reboot to install the application and what not, but that is about it. I set it to sleep if I am taking it somewhere, or want to power it down without shutdown. I essentially never turn off my system, and I have never had issue with it.

Now the question is how long people can really leave a Mac system turned on? That is very hard to say, if people just let a Mac sit and do nothing for long time like a year, yet some hardware components of the system may fail, but this could take a very long time to occur. In fact, many Mac servers routinely accomplish very high uptimes well over a year of being turned on without a reboot.

Important thinks about 3D touch on an iPhone

IPhoneIPhone is a smartphone which was manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. It is running on Apple iOS mobile based operating system. The first Apple iPhone was released on 29 June 2007. IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s are the most recent smartphone models which were on 9 September 2015. The user interface of Apple iPhones is built with multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi which allows it, for connecting to cellular networks. By using IPhone, you can record video, play music, take images, send and receive mail, send texts, browse the websites, receive visual voicemail, do mathematical calculations, record notes and also GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation.

Along with these features there are some other functions such as reference works, social networking, video games, etc. It also allows users to download the application from the app stores. Apple App Store allows people to access more than one million apps by Apple and third parties.  This Apple store is the world largest mobile application distribution network. Apple has released nine generations of iPhone. Each of them Inclusive by one of the nine major releases of iOS. The first generation of Apple iPhone was a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone and well-known design instances, like a button placement that has continued all over all releases and a screen size maintained for the next four iterations.

The most useful feature of IPhone is 3D Touch which is generally overlooked by the peoples. 3D Touch feature offers a very easy way to pointing the text cursor during typing. In order to touching somewhere in the block of text you can type with more precisely. In order to write anything, you need to press anywhere on the touch keyboard. After that the letters will appear from the keys which indicate it is become a touchpad. To type sometime you need to move your finger around the text box on which you want to type and after completing your task you just need to lift your finger from the touch screen.

Most of Apple apps can be accessed from home screen by using Quick Actions. It also allows many other third-party tools to add in quick actions. In order to use a quick action, you need to hard press an application icon on your mobile home screen. In the place of open the application, a shortcut will display on your home screen. So to access the app you can tap to go directly to an action in the tool.