Repair AVI File Error Downloading Codec

Hello, while I was transferring AVI video files from my memory card to system, suddenly my system get shut down. Later when I open my system to play those AVI video file, it displays an error message. That AVI video file is one of my favorite video files and I can’t lose it at any cost. Can anyone know how to repair AVI file error downloading codec on my Windows system?”

Have you ever encountered with such situation then don’t get panic? In such situation, you can opt Repair AVI Mac software to repair AVI file error downloading codec. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your entire storage device and repairs AVI video file without affecting its original file as the software is read-only, it creates a copy of the AVI video file and repairs the corrupted AVI video file.

Reasons behind codec errors while trying to play AVI video files:

  • Downloading AVI video files from unauthorized sites can cause harmful virus infection to the codec program which leads to codec error.
  • If there is no proper codec available on the system to support AVI video file, then AVI video file shows an error message when tried to play.
  • When you try to play AVI video file on unsupported media player then there are more chances that your important AVI video file will shows codec error.
  • When you are downloading AVI video file from web and such time if a power surge occurs then these files may get damaged or corrupted.

Various error messages when your media player is unable to play AVI video file:

  • The source filter for this file couldn’t be loaded (Error – 80040241)
  • Unable to download an appropriate decompressor (Error – 80040200)
  • Can’t play back the file. The format is not supported (Error – 80040265)
  • One or more codecs required to open this content couldn’t be found (Error – C00D10D1)
  • Can’t play back the video stream, no suitable decompressor could be found (Error – 80040255)

If your AVI video file gets corrupted due to codec issues, then you can opt Repair AVI Mac software to repair AVI file error downloading codec.  Repair AVI Mac software is easy and provide simple steps to repair AVI video file codec errors and extracts a healthy video without altering the original file.

Features of Repair AVI Mac Software:

  • Fixes codec errors in AVI, DivX, Xvid, etc. file formats
  • Repairs AVI codes errors on both Mac and Windows system
  • Repairs AVI video file stored on a memory card, hard drives, USB drive, external hard drive, pen drives, etc.
  • Provides an option called Preview option using which you can repair AVI video file prior to restoration.
  • Download demo version of the software to check the effectiveness of the software.

File Recovery after Deletion

Hello friends, I am using Windows computer since from several months and I had lots of data such as audios, video clips, MS documents, graphical presentations, movies, etc. on computer hard drive. Few weeks back, I and some of my friends went for excursion and the views we enjoyed are captured / recorded on my mobile phone. Yesterday, I decided to move those files from mobile phone to my system hard drive in order to keep back up for memorable purposes. While performing this task, I unintentionally clicked the delete option instead of pressing move option which made to lose important files from my device. To my bad luck I don’t even have any other backup of deleted files which made me frustrated even more. Therefore I am here to know, is there any way to get back my deleted file which is deleted due to recklessness? Any sort of assistance will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Indeed! Nowadays, deletion of data from any kind of storage devices has become a normal situation due to intentional or unintentional reasons. Also, you may think that how to recover my deleted files?   In case, if your file got erased then make use of Deleted File Recovery Software to restore your deleted files in a short period of time. This tool consists of in built scanning algorithm which has the ability to scan entire storage device data and get back erased files in a simple and effective manner.

Scenarios Responsible for deletion of file:

There are many ways for files to get deleted from storage devices. Here are some of the common reasons which are mentioned as follows…

Emptying Recycle Bin: You might decide to clear the recycle bin in order to increase the memory space of recycle bin. Generally, recycle bin is used to store the temporary erased data and it may hold some of your essential files thus clearing the recycle bin might result in deletion of files permanently from hard drive.

Anti-Virus Utility: Anti-Virus software is used to protect malicious or junk files entering into system hard drive thus when you connect the external storage device with anti-virus protected system then it will start to scan the entire storage device automatically. After the scanning process is over, if anti-virus tool found any virus infected files on external storage device then it will delete those files without any notification. Hence this sort of incidence can result in deletion of important files.

Partition Failure: Partitioning can be done manually by users to add or re-size the partition according to their need. While performing this task, if any error occurs such as abrupt system shutdown due to power failure or system freeze can erase the files from hard drive partition.

Abrupt Camera Switch-Off: While capturing the photos via mobile phone or digital camera, if the device abruptly switches off due to low battery or other malfunctioning then there are possibilities for image file to get erased.

These are some reasons for deletion of files from storage devices. If you have faced similar like kind of scenario and have you ever thought of how to recover my deleted files? If yes, then make use of deleted file recovery to retrieve your erased files in a perfect way.

Spectacular Features of Deleted File Recovery Software:

  • It is the perfect recovery tool to get back the erased files from any kind of storage devices such as hard drives, memory cards, flash disk, iPods, music players and many others.
  • It has the ability to support file recovery on file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions.
  • With the usage of this reliable recovery software you can easily restore deleted file from various brands of external hard drive such as Seagate, Transcend, Toshiba, Dell, Western Digital, Sony, Samsung and so on. Also, it has the capability to retrieve erased data from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives without any difficulty.
  • As soon as the files are recovered from storage devices, it can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, created date, modified date and file location.
  • This popular recovery software tool allows you to preview the retrieved file before storing into any desired location.

Tips to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 8 Computer

Have you accidentally deleted important files from your Windows 8 computer? Do you want to recover those files? If so, then do not worry. You are at the right place, a brief introduction on file recovery from Windows 8 is been mentioned in the following paragraphs do read them carefully.

Windows 8 is a recently launched computer operating system. This OS was developed by Microsoft Corporation; it offers lots of benefiting features when compared with earlier versions of MS Windows operating systems. Suppose by mistake, if you have deleted any important data from Windows 8 PC, and want to recover that data; then take the aid of file recovery app. File recovery app is an advanced tool that brings back all the deleted files in a very limited time period, the tool has the capability of recovering even the lost files from Windows 8 based computer. For more details on deleted file recovery from Windows 8 computer log on to:

Under what circumstances files get deleted from Windows 8 PC:

  • Effects of antivirus: Antivirus is a third party software generally used to detect and remove harmful computer viruses from computers, at the time of scanning, if antivirus finds any severely infected file; then it will delete that file from Windows 8 computer.
  • Accidental deletion: There are many instances where people have accidentally selected important files while clearing out unnecessary data from Windows 8 computer; however file recovery tool comes handy under these types of concerns.
  • Deletion of files by third party application: There are several unreliable third party tools; if they are used on Windows 8 PC then they would cause a disaster, meaning they will delete files from computer.

The files that get delete, due to these above described reasons can be easily recovered using file recovery software.

Attractive features of file recovery app are explained below:

It’s a best file recovery software, which incorporates a smartest scanning engine. It scans complete hard drive of Windows 8 computer and brings back deleted files within minutes. Apart from Windows 8, it can support deleted file recovery on all available versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and 2003 etc. In order to recover files from Mac computer, there’s a separate version of this application, which enables you to recover deleted files from Mac based computers. It can restore deleted files from different types of storage devices such as memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, external hard drives etc. The software is able to recover various types of files such as music files, videos, images etc. Once the files are recovered files they can be sorted on the basis of file size, file type, creation dates etc. It’s a user friendly file recovery software that offers easiest approach to recover deleted files.

Use the demo versions of above told file recovery software once, its available on web. If you feel satisfied with it then buy its licensed version.


How You Can Recover Lost Files?

Would you like to learn about the way to recover lost files? Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. In case you are in the critical situation and end with a loss of important files, tend not to fear since the files are certainly not lost. However, the files will almost exist somewhere around the hard disk even though they’re deleted. They could be restored by utilizing file undelete software. It was made by the industry specialist, especially to dig into the computer hard disk, to locate lost files.

Now let us know actually what you need to do, to recuperate lost files. First obtain the right recovery software that most closely fits to retrieve your lost data. Using the recovery tool, you are able to retrieve lost files even though they may be deleted after emptying the Recycle Bin. It could access files that are lost as a result of hard disk crash or sudden rebooting of your respective system. Additionally, it is not a big issue for those who have re-installed Windows OS as well as the hard disk is re-formatted as a result of dangerous virus attack. At these situations also, the program can function perfectly to rescue lost files.

When a number of files are missing from your computer, you could lose your important word documents; excel spread sheets as well as other media files. Because of the loss in excel file, you might lose the info with regards to your project report, employ details, students list as well as any other significant data. Don’t worry, here also you can use file recovery software for restoring deleted excel files. That is all possible simply by making a utilization of software. It could undelete all files including excel files from the Recycle Bin or some other folder.

To recuperate files fully without missing an individual file, it can be advised that immediately stop making use of your system after the deletion or loss of data. Usually do not carry out the task on your PC like formatting, re-partitioning, saving new data, etc before restoring the lost files. Suppose the fresh info is stored around the space occupied with the deleted files, then those files may lose forever. Additionally it is crucial that you should get secure recovery tool, to acquire back your lost files without the harm to them. Therefore it is strongly recommended to utilize read only application.

There is certainly number of file recovery tools for restoring files on all Windows platforms including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc.  It  is capable of supporting to undelete, unformant files from many file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXT2, EXT3 on various storage media for example hard drive (SATA / SCSI / IDE), FireWire drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, etc. Using recovery tool, you’ll be able to get back lost files instantly from all kinds of storage media. You are able to recover media files in just a least amount of time from pen drive, memory stick, digital cameras, computer hard disk, etc.

This software will scan every sector of the hard disk to locate lost files from it. It is usually very simple to use for professionals and the normal people also. The normal computer user can readily understand all recovery steps. The large number of files could be restored in just a few keys to press. If you wish to estimate file recovery, you need to use demo sort of this software.


Way to perform easy undelete files.

Files are the best containers to keep the co-related information. When the details are processed into information then it is converted to data. Regardless of what kind of information are processed but lastly the files becomes important from user’s aspects. The negative side of the files is that they could be lost or erased effortlessly if they’re not handled correctly and then it might be hard to restore files.


Files with text are known as text files. To create this kind of file, MS Word can be used (mostly) which not only offers the facility to include text within the files but many more kinds of objects could be added. The additional benefit to make use of the Word application is, it provides some of the best features, that are merge mails, preview them, choose the readers etc. The Word application is actually very effective in its concentrated work areas that is to create files and supply extra added features for them.

Another application of Microsoft Office is PowerPoint. It expresses the concept in an exceedingly innovative as well as in a beautiful way. MS PowerPoint is essentially accustomed to present some text in various styles. You can include pictures, audios, videos, etc for your presentation to really make it look more appealing and significant.

MS PowerPoint and Word both of them are programs of Microsoft Office. Although, they’re so effective, however the files produced with them might face many problems like deletion, loss, corruption etc. You can retrieve Word Doc and various kinds of files but still you should know how the trouncing of files happens.

To understand all the measures for loss & deletion, you need to give a glimpse on individual ways that if you simply follows,  will result in deletion of data. If you overrule the methods to make use of the files, then this makes the deletion or loss of files.

  1. If you’re working on the file/files either of Word or other application, and rash closing of the application happens, then it might cause problems.
  2. Moving the doc (other files) from one medium to a different & meanwhile if power failure happens then this can lead to a loss of files.
  3. Shift + Delete button can lead to deletion of files from the hard disk drive that too by missing the Trash or Recycle Bin which may lead to complete deletion.

If you possess glimpse on these situations then you’ll come to know that the situations are extremely familiar to you, because this might take place once in a month. Then to prevent the deletion / loss of files you need to follow few precautions. Installing of anti-virus, good power supply, closing of application & ejecting must be done according to the recommendations. If things are adopted correctly then the majority of the data loss situations are going to be finished. If you’re missing the files out of your hard drive then what can be done? Recovery while using a tool can be achieved.

How to retrieve deleted ppt files or Word file?

If you wish to recover these files then make use of the recovery software. Recovery Software is made to recover files efficiently. Regardless of which extension files are lost / erased, the software is built to recover all sorts of files like DOC, PST, PPTX, etc.

Methods to recover deleted documents from hard drive

Hard drive is often a widely used storage device for home and business computers. Computer drives are available as both internal and external devices. Internal hard drives are built-in in the computer and laptops to maintain operating system, program files and user data. And external hard disks are the ones that may be externally connected to electronic devices through cable; it is usually portable and might be removed whenever necessary. The various hard disk brands intended for computers are Western Digital and Seagate HDDs. There are numerous computer drives in every brand.

The useful data which can be stored on hard disks may be lost often as it’s genuine that no device is entirely secure. Think that you merely formatted the hard drive meaning that all of the data that was stored on it got erased. Formatting is generally a manner of erasing the data from hard drive; preparing and checking the disk for read accessibility. As soon as you format a hard drive or simply a partition of the hard drive all of the files and folders gets erased physically i.e. the OS erases all of the information from disk partition table, tests the sectors whether it’s reliable or not and marks each of the bad sectors (scratches or any marks that are physically occurred so that you cannot fetch data from those sections). It is advisable to format the hard disk while using it first time, to avoid any virus attack on your system. So, the formatted hard drive recovery can be executed only if you’ve not saved the fresh data on hard disk. You can use recover deleted files windows XP software to recuperate data from hard drive.

Data stored on the hard disk could be deleted in other scenarios also. They are:

  • Formatting / Re-formatting – In the event you accidentally format or re-format any drive like Western Digital hard drive, the data stored on it may be lost due to no backup of information.
  • While creating backup files – While creating backup of files on external hard drive before formatting the hard disk, if the process is interrupted as a result of some errors the files can get corrupt.
  • Virus attack – If any harmful virus infects the hard drives then your files stored into it can get corrupt and reject to open.
  • Suddenly removing external drive- While using any files stored on external device linked to the system, if you suddenly or forcefully take away the device, the info that was being processed might get corrupt.

A lot of data loss scenarios are included. When you’ve got formatted and lost data then perform hard drive recovery using file recovery software. The software can easily recover deleted documents along with other various file types from different types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. This recover file utility supports various versions of Windows OS. Also, it is accessible in demo version and it’s enabling you to view recovered data. When you satisfied with the demo version of the application, you can get full form of this software.

Easiest way to recover data from flash drive

Are you the one who is looking to recover data from flash drive? Good, you reached at right place. Data recovery software is the perfect solution for your data loss problem. With this recovery software you recover your lost data efficiently. It use advanced data recovery algorithm which is specially designed to recover lost data from flash drive.

Generally, users format their flash drive to fix minor faults. Before formatting Flash drive, it is always advised to maintain a backup of crucial files / folders, because formatting will delete entire data from drive. If you have backup you can refer it later in case you wants to recover some the files from it. But, sometime users unintentionally format their removable drive, without maintaining a backup. For all users who are going through with such problem of data loss and don’t have a backup to restore data back, can use data recovery tool. Using this application anyone can easily restore lost data from accidentally formatted flash drive or from any other external removable drive.

Besides accidental formatting there are multiple reasons which forces users to format their flash drive. The most common reason is the corruption of flash drive file system due to virus or malware infection on system hard drive. It makes flash drive inaccessible and to make it readable we have to format it, which in turn will erases entire data stored in it. If you’re going through with any such situation, then no need to get worry about your lost data because the data recovery application is there to help you out. With this utility you can retrieve your lost data within few minutes. It also helps you to retrieve lost data from accidentally formatted hard disk.

Generally people are unaware with this fact that whenever we delete any file from the flash drive or format it, will not erase the data permanently. Just that particular space in which file was stored is mark as null or free to store new files. Deleted data remains in flash drive only, until it gets overwritten with new files. Flash drive data recovery software performs a deep drive scan to recover such lost data from the Flash drive in just a few steps.

In order to perform flash drive data recovery process, experts have designed data recovery application with simple interactive user interface. With this tool non-technical user can recover lost data from flash drive, without facing any complications. You can also use this application to retrieve deleted files from iPod or external hard drive. This software recovers all your lost files / folders along with their names and stored folder hierarchy.

Just go ahead and try trial version of this data recovery software, this version provides you to have a preview of the files which you want to recover by its results you can evaluate the chances of recovery then later on you can buy the licensed version of the software to save recovered data.