How to Recover Data from Acer Laptop Hard Drive?

From past few a days, I was using internet connection on my Acer laptop to collect information for my assignment. Due to increase in usage of internet on my laptop, is infected by severe virus. Data saved in laptop hard is also gets affected by viruses and later when I scanned laptop drive by using antivirus program, then it detected some files as harmful and erased them. Please help me to perform Acer laptop data recovery.

Are you facing the same data loss problem from your Acer laptop drive? Then, there is no need to worry about it because data recovery from Acer laptop drive is still possible. But to get back data from the drive, you should stop using laptop drive to avoid the data overwritten process and soon approach for the reliable solution without any delay. If you save the new files on Acer laptop drive, then memory space of storage device will overwrite with new data. In order to perform Acer laptop data recovery, you can take the help of Acer Data Recovery software and easily overcome from such difficult situations.

Common Causes of Data Deletion OR Loss from Acer Laptop Drive:

  • User prefers to store large amount of data in laptop drives. If the file system of Acer laptop hard drive gets corrupted, then data saved on the drive become invisible for user.
  • When user defragment the Acer laptop disk to achieve access to the data in faster way, if some sort of error occurred during this process which can result in erase of data.
  • If the data saved or stored on the bad sectors on Acer laptop hard disk drive, then data loss crisis occur.
  • Deletion of data from Acer laptop hard drive can be happen unexpectedly by using combination of shift + delete command.
  • If Acer laptop hard drive partition gets crashed, then all the data saved on the drive become inaccessible, which further tends user to format the partition. Hence, result in loss of whole data situations.
  • There may be some other instance of data loss circumstances like manufactured defect in laptop hard drives, human mistakes, interruption in file transfer process and many others.

Whatever can be a cause behind data deletion or loss from Acer laptop drive, you can easily solve all the data loss issues by using Acer Data Recovery Software with ease. It is built with a simple interface; even non computer user can understand it. This utility helps user to recover data from Acer laptop hard drives safely and securely without editing the original data. It is highly rated and all the professional people suggest everyone to utilize this tool for Acer laptop data recovery. It helps to sort the restored data according to their size, type and date.

Acer Data Recovery is one of the high advanced software which has developed with advance algorithm, to scan the storage drives thoroughly. This software not only recovers data from hard drive, but also from various storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, SD cards, iPods. It is capable of restoring any types of files like documents, audios, videos and many more. It can proficiently to perform Acer laptop data recovery from different hard drive interface like SATA, IDE and SCSI easily.

Tool to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Hard Drive

feature-hard-drive-data-recovery-software-2-wHave you accidentally deleted or formatted hard drive? If yes no need to worry, File Recovery tool is an outstanding software that recover deleted or lost files in an easy and effective way. With the application of this software, you are able to recover deleted as well as lost files from hard drive, memory card, USB drive, SD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, XD card, etc. It recovers file from hard drive of different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT, HFSX and HFS. You can purchase file recovery tools online to retrieve deleted or lost files without any issues.

About this software:

  • Retrieves deleted and lost files from different storage device
  • Restore files from damaged, corrupted and broken drive
  • Approximately 300 file types can be recovered through this application
  • Save Recovery Session allow user to resume the recovery process any time
  • Search recovered files from the list according to file name and file type

Few reasons for data loss from any data storage device

  • Sometimes due to virus attack on system corrupts file system of data storage device. With the corruption of file system, file table is removed and finally result in loss of data from storage device.
  • While performing certain task on system if user unintentionally press delete button, then files and folder get permanently deleted from the system. It result in severe data loss from any data storage device.
  • While moving important files from system to other device or vice versa if any interruption occurs then files lost from system as well as from data storage device.
  • Bad sector is another reason due to which files lost from any storage device. It is nothing but a sector formed due to overheating. In case, any file stored on that sector get corrupted and finally lost from data storage device.

You can use file recovery tools to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This software consists advanced interface so that novice user can even recover deleted or lost files data storage device.

Features of File Recovery Tools

  • File Recovery tools can be launched on Windows and Mac system to recover deleted or lost files. With the assistance of this tool, you are able to recover files from hard drive, memory card, SD card, external hard drive, etc.
  • This software supports 300 file type recovery. Some of the file type recovered through this software are JPG, MP3, JPEG, PNG, MOV, 3GP, PSD, PDF, FLV, and many others.
  • This software is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit computer. It allow you to restore recovered files on CD or DVD drive.
  • The demo version allow user to download and recover deleted or lost files for free. The user need to purchase the app in order to save the recovered file.

Software to Recover Video Files from SD Card

About SD card:

SD cards are the portable and small memory devices that are mostly used in the mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, iPads, etc. In every mobile device there is an availability of recording videos and capturing pictures. There are different capacities of SD cards available such as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc. You can have an extra SD card with you if one memory card is not sufficient for you. Any type of files can be saved in the SD cards such as games, images, videos, audios, documents, etc. You can save both professional and personal data in the SD card.

recover-android-videosHow does loss of video files occur in SD cards?

There are many reasons that may cause the deletion or loss of video files from the SD card. Let us have a brief view on some major reasons.

Delete All Button: When you open the Gallery in any mobile device, you can see the photos and videos on the screen. On top of the screen you will see an option called “Delete All”. If you click that button accidentally and click Ok then the entire photos or videos folder will get deleted.

Improper Transfer: When you capture some videos then you will prefer to store them into the computer system. While transferring the videos, if there is any problem such as abrupt shutdown of power, then there are chances of corruption or deletion of files.

File Header Corruption: File system contains all the information of the video size, type and date of creation. If the file system gets corrupted due to any reason then the mobile cannot identify the files present in the SD card and it leads to loss of video files.

Apart from the above cited reasons there are many other reasons that may cause the deletion or loss of files from the SD card. Some of them are due to severe virus infection, accidental deletion or format, file header corruption, etc.

How to recover videos from SD card?

In order to recover the deleted or lost videos from the SC card you need to just make use of any reliable third party tool, because there is no manual way to recover them. There are many third party tools available in the current market online, but only few are reliable. One of the reliable and mostly used tools around the world for video recovery from SD card is Video File Recovery software.

Why Video File Recovery software?

There are many significant features in Video File Recovery software; some of them are as follows.

  • The Video File Recovery software is applicable for different versions of the Mac OS (Yosemite, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Mavericks) and Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc).
  • This software is associated with the easy interface that will help you to recover all the lost videos from SD card in an easy manner.
  • Demo version of this software is available in order to test the working of it. You can recover the lost files from the SD card and can save them in a folder and also you can preview them for free of cost.
  • Technical support is available for 24*7 to assist you if you face any problem regarding this software.

Reliable Application to Restore Deleted Data in Effective Way

1370518135Restore Deleted Data application is the effective way to recover deleted data that are erased/deleted using “Shift+ Delete” keys on Windows systems. Compatible to get back erased files on various operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Mountain Lion, Windows XP, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Windows 7, Mavericks, Windows 8 and many other editions. This utility restores unknowingly deleted or emptied data from Recycle Bin and Trash Folder. It recognizes and allows to regain more than 250 file types such as Office documents, photos, PowerPoint files, notes, executable files, emails messages, games, movie files, audio/video files, Excel files, Photoshop files, and so on.

“Have you ever deleted essential data unintentionally from your PC/laptop? Many of the people may reply yes to this question its common thing for many computer users. No need to bother, it is possible to undelete all erased or deleted data files by utilizing Restore Deleted Data software in Windows/Mac machines.”

Before discussing more details about Restore Deleted Data utility you need to know major data loss scenarios. Let’s talk about causes behind the data deletion are:

Human Error:  When you relate/connect any external drive to your PC to delete some old or unwanted files using “Shift+ Delete” combination keys. Without cross checking In hurry you may erase important data along with few older files which results in severe data loss.

Formatting: Most of the system users opt to format the removable storage drive or internal volume for many issues. In several situation, you may format drives/volumes without taking backup of required data files stored in PC or external removable drives. It may end up in losing of files from any hard drive.

Emptying Recycle Bin/Trash: Sometimes, general deletion files directly goes to Recycle Bin/Trash but what happen if Bin folder gets filled completely or what happen we mistakenly delete the content of Bin  folder/Trash instead of restoring them. This also makes to data loss.

Severe Virus/Malware Infection: If you connect any portable drive to virus infected system or laptop then the harmful viruses makes the external data drive inaccessible. In such condition, you need to go for format option to access further. This leads to deletion/erase of all the data.

Third Party Utility: After connecting any external drive to your PC/laptop in the event you run any untrusted or unauthorized third party tools, then there may be a possibility of deletion of files from your portable hard drive.

In order to prevent or avoid the above stated scenarios you need to download, install and run Restore Deleted Data software on your system.

Special functions of Restore Deleted Data tool:

  • Supports to retrieve deleted data and folders from different types of hard drive disk including SATA, USB, PATA, IDE, ATA, and SCSI.
  • It is the brilliant recovery software to get back files and folders from emptied Recycle Bin/Trash Folder and also recovers files that are bypassed by pressing shift + Del keys accidentally.
  • This data recovery utility allows to undelete all files on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFSX volumes/partitions.
  • Provides you to restore erased data of different file extensions such as HTML, MP3, PNG, AVI, PPT, MOV, EXE, MPEG, XLS, 3GP, BMP, MP4, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MPG, WMV, M4V, RM, PSD, JPG, CRW, SR2, ARW, DOC, and many other file extensions.
  • It is developed and designed with powerful scanning mechanism to scan entire hard drive within couple of minutes.
  • You can possibly check out the restored data before saving. And even new computer users can easily recover their deleted data without any interruption.


Recover Data from Sony VAIO Laptop

Am wondering pm how I can recover deleted files from my Sony VAIO laptop, which were deleted and emptied from Recycle Bin folder several hours ago. All these files are really very crucial for me. And I believe they are still on my Sony VAIO laptop. If anyone of you knew the solution on how to recover data from Sony VAIO laptop then Please help me!!!

Well, all the files that are deleted or lost still resides on your Sony VAIO laptop and it is absolutely possible that you can restore them with the help of a HDD partition recovery program.

Guidelines to retrieve files from Sony VAIO Laptop

  • Download and install demo version of HDD partition recovery application on your healthy machine.
  • Connect your Sony VAIO laptop to system where you install HDD partition recovery software.
  • Launch the toolkit and begin recovery process by selecting “Recover Drives” option from welcome screen.
  • Click on “Partition Recovery” and continue to scanning hard drive.
  • Now the application starts scanning system and locates all available drives in it. Choose Sony VAIO hard disk and click next.
  • Permit software to scan your hard disk partition and wait till scanning method gets complete.
  • Software displays all recoverable file in “File Type View” and “Data View” format.
  • Select file type which you want to recover otherwise skip this step to restore all file types.
  • You can view all recovered file once recovery step is done completely.

In case if you are using the demo version then you will be prompted to view the healthy files. In order to save all the recover files you need to purchase the full version of the software. Other than Sony Vaio laptop recovery, it supports recovery of data from other brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, HP, Asus etc. without any difficulty. This utility smoothly works to recover deleted Windows boot partition in few clicks. Check out this page- to get more details on recovery of deleted Windows boot partition.

Supported Operating system: HDD partition recovery toolkit supports recovery of data from different versions of Windows and Mac OS that includes Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2010, Windows 2003, Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Mountain, Mac Yosemite, etc.

Sony VIAO Laptop is just like a computer where you can store lots of files such as videos files, pictures, archives, music, documents and other important files. Sony VIAO Laptop is easy to use and it has been built on high performance through innovative technology. But unfortunately, like other devices this Sony VIAO Laptop also prone to data loss because of some known or unknown reasons. Some of the common issues that lead to loss/deletion of files from Sony VIAO Laptop are mentioned below

  • Accidental deletion of important files from Sony VIAO Laptop.
  • Unintentionally formatting Sony VIAO Laptop drive without having backup files.
  • Virus infection on Sony VIAO Laptop.
  • File system corruption.
  • Improper termination of Sony VIAO Laptop.

How to keep Sony VIAO Laptop files healthy?

  • Initially, you must stop using the Sony VIAO Laptop hard drive after data loss to avoid overwriting.
  • Never format or create any new partition after data loss from your Sony VAIO Laptop.
  • Always use a powerful antiviral program to remove deadly malware from your Sony VAIO laptop.
  • Defragment your hard drive regularly to increase Sony VAIO laptop speed.