OST to PST converter tool

OST is define as the offline file format for the recovery of the information in MS Outlook where OST abbreviate as offline storage table. They’re usually utilized in offline mode. It works well in a specific area where Outlook is configured with the exchange server in order to communicate and share the information. The benefit of OST file is that you can simply access all the files which are stored in Outlook without getting connected to the Exchange Server. OST file permit you to access the file remotely and you can easily edit, delete or save any file. The changes that you simply made will get updated after you get connected with an Exchange Server.

PST is nothing but a personal storage table. It is a storage location on the hard drive. Every item of the Outlook such as notes, calendars, etc is stored in .pst file. You may already know that, OST file is capable to create the exact replica of PST file. Therefore, it’s necessary to repair the corrupted OST file in order to convert it into PST File format. If it’s not working due to any reasons, then this conversion can help to keep the backup of the data.

Once, the OST file gets corrupted, and then you are probably not able to access it. Outlook offers an import & export wizard which helps you to import and export all the mails from OST to PST files. This is actually the most ordinary method of converting OST to PST files. But, this wizard may fails to work occasionally. If so, you might lose your mails, which is compulsory to utilize a third party tool to convert OST to PST on MS Outlook. The most common reasons that are accountable for OST file corruption are highlighted below:

Due to file system error: File system error damages the file structure. Because of this, some parts from the OST file are going to be lost, making the OST file unfinished.

Due to network problem: Due to network error or fluctuation in connection, the OST file will gets corrupted and it becomes inaccessible unless and until, you fix it.

Due to OST file exceeding the size limit: If an OST file exceeds the particular size limit of Outlook, then OST file may get corrupted.

Because of power surge: Because of sudden power surge, your computer may get shut down and conversion process will be affected. Due to this, OST file gets corrupted and you’ll be unable to restart your conversion process.

With the help of this utility, you can convert OST to PST files. It is suitable for almost all the OST files that have been created on Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 5.0, 2003, 2000, 2007 & 2010. You can easily download this tool for the recovery results.