Outlook Recovery after Scanpst Error

Microsoft Outlook is a utility of Microsoft office. It is the most commonly used email client around the world. It is used by an organization or individuals to manage the personal data and emails exchanged within different servers. The data which is transferred, received or maintained on the client is stored in PST file. PST or Personal Storage Table file is used for managing the data present in the Outlook. It stores emails, calendars, appointments, notes, tasks, journals and other Outlook objects.

Microsoft provides Outlook with a tool named Scanpst.exe which has a capability of repairing fairly damaged PST files. Scanpst.exe scans and attempts to repair a particular PST file. It scrutinizes a PST file directory structure and also analyzes the references and headers of all the mail items. After completion of scan, Scanpst.exe displays the detected error information and it offers you to repair the PST file. It is also called as the Inbox Repair Tool which has the ability to fix only minor errors of PST files.

As the Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe is a hidden tool after finding it, the whole process is completed in few steps. Once the application starts it presents a window in which you need to first select the particular PST file which has to be repaired. After selecting the PST file it scans for errors. After scanning process you need to select backup of scanned files and then select repair option which then repairs the PST files. If repair was successful then the recovered files need to be dragged into a new PST folder and saved. If it fails to repair an error appears on the screen then the Outlook recovery after Scanpst.exe error software needs to be used to repair the .PST files.

However, sometimes when users try to access the files more often, then the following error message appears on the screen: “Errors have been detected in the file. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.” This means that the PST file is corrupted or damaged due to the file size exceeding the storage capacity.

There are some other reasons for PST file corruption such as Virus infection, Outlook malfunctioning, improper system shutdown, system crash, etc. Corruption of PST files leads to generation of error messages and unable you to access your PST files. When Inbox repair tool or Outlook Scanpst.exe fails to repair the corruption then to get rid of it you need to reduce the size of the PST file. Delete unwanted and unnecessary emails, attachments, notes, journals, calendars which are of no use for you. If you are still unable to repair the error then by making use of the most recommended and reliable software should be used. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is the most powerful tool to repair and recover the data from PST files.

This software offers some good features which makes it more prominent for using. It repairs PST files from different outlook versions like 2000,2003,2007,2010 and also supports OST files. Repairs oversized PST files from Outlook. Also has the capability to recover deleted emails, contacts, appointments, RSS feeds, tasks, journals, etc from the Outlook PST file. It can repair PST files which are compressed or encrypted.

To repair and recover your files from PST folder this software is most recommended to use. So download the trial version and evaluate its performance.

Guidelines to use mac undelete software to recover deleted files

Mac operating system is developed by Apple and it is a graphical user interface based OS. Nowadays most of the people prefer Mac operating system because of its advanced features. The Mac operating system is based on UNIX as Windows operating system based on DOS programming language. Mac is also known as Macintosh and it is used only on Apple’s hard ware. Mac operating system is helpful to edit photos, for playing videos and music. Mac operating system supports FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS+ and HFSX file systems.  Like Widows computer, in Mac computer also used hard drive to store data. In this the hard drive is divided into many volumes to store data or for user convenient. The volumes can be modified and managed by the volume management system. However in some circumstances, the files are deleted from your mac computer hard drive. The file loss may due to software problems or user mistakes. Then you cannot recover files from Mac computer without using third party utility software. You can use mac undelete software to recover deleted files from computer where Mac operating system is used.

Let us discuss some of the important reasons of file deletion from your Mac computer. Sometimes the files from Trash Bin are deleted due to virus attack or they create duplicate copies of files. In this scenario you will face serious data loss situations. Another reason for data loss on Mac operating system is database corruption. The volumes are inaccessible in Mac operating system due to database corruption. The files from Mac volumes are also inaccessible due to journal corruption. This journal file is very important because it saves any changes that are taken place on files on hard drive. The files are also lost due to software errors such as input and output errors which will occur in your system. One more common reason for file deletion is user errors. For example you want to delete some unnecessary files from your Mac computer to avoid confusion, at that time you may delete required files mistakenly. Then you will end up with data loss from your Mac computer. The unexpected shutdown of your system also results in data loss. The unexpected shutdown of your system may occur due to operating system crashes and due to power failure. In all these situations you will lose files from your Mac computer. The deleted or lost files can be recovered by using “Remo Recover (Mac) – Basic Edition” software.


Remo Recover (Mac) – Basic Edition is a strong file recovery software. This software is especially designed to recover files from your Mac computer. This software is used to recover files, even if you have deleted files from Trash Bin. This software supports recovery of deleted files from any type storage media such as hard drives, SD cards, MMC flash memory cards, USB external drives, iPods etc. You can also view recovered files before restoration by using “Preview” option. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate chances of file recovery.



How to recover lost digital camera photos

Modern digital cameras have high resolution and high data storage capacity. The resolution of digital camera depends on number of pixels that is the resolution increases as number of pixels are increased. In digital camera the captured pictures are stored as data files. Size of memory determines the number of photos which are stored in digital camera. Most of the cameras have only 8 Megabytes of storage capacity and in that you can store only 10 to 40 photos. Therefore removable memory cards are used to store large number of photos in digital camera. The type of memory card depends on type of camera you have. The photos are stored in different file formats in different cameras. For example in Canon camera the photos are stored in CRW and CR2 file formats.

However there are some scenarios in which you may lose photos from digital camera. The reason for data loss is mainly due to digital camera errors and user errors. The photo recovery software is used to recover lost digital camera photos. This software displays recovered photos on screen before restoration. Some important reasons of data loss from digital camera are explained below.

  • Taking photos when the battery is low in digital camera results in data loss. Your memory card may get corrupt if you try to capture photos even after showing low battery condition on digital camera.
  • The photos from digital cameras are lost due to improper ejection of memory card. Removal of memory card during write or erase process causes memory card corruption.
  • Sometimes digital camera displays errors, and then there is a chance of losing data. The errors are like memory card not formatted now format it, and then you may lose all photos from camera by selecting format option.
  • The memory card may get corrupt due to its usage in different digital cameras. The camera manufacturers customize specific memory cards for different digital cameras.
  • In some situations, photos from digital camera are deleted accidentally. This happens due to human mistake.
  • Memory card may get corrupt due to capturing of next photo without completion of previous image saving process. Every digital camera takes some time to save captured photos.
  • The photos are also deleted by pressing Delete All button while using digital camera. You can undelete photos by using photo recovery software.

Anyway if you lost photos from digital camera, use Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition software to recover lost photos. This software is designed especially to recover photos from digital camera. This is one of the fastest recovery tool and easy to use. It recovers all types of files such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG etc. This software is also helpful to recover music and video files along with photos. You can also recover photos from any type of storage media such as flash memory cards, USB external drives, iPods etc. This software has preview option to view recovered photos before restoring them. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate photo recovery.

How to recover deleted photos from Mac OS

Photos are precious part of memorable moments in your life. They are sweet memories which you have captured during vacation, trip and functions with family members or friends. Everyone wants to keep them throughout their life. You can preserve them in your computer, digital camera or in any storage device. Usually people store them in their personal computer. Accidentally, if you lost those memories from system, you can recover using best recovery software. Recovery software is available based on the Operating system you use for your computer. You can perform photo recovery on Mac using good photo recovery software for Mac Operating System and you can restore all lost files from computer.

Mac recovery software helps you to retrieve all your lost, deleted or missed files from the system. It can also help to recover different types of media files like photos, pictures, songs, movies, and other multimedia files from Mac system. Media files are more prone to loss or deletion while transferring files from one device to another, and while doing copy paste of files. In such time, you need to be careful to avoid data loss.

There are many reasons which may lead to data loss. Some common scenarios are like;

  • Accidental deletion of photos by pressing command + delete key combination or formatting of memory card on Mac operating system, by emptying the trash bin and improper shutting down of the computer leads to data loss.
  • Data loss can also occur if you transfer or copy photos from one storage medium to another.
  • Virus infection is the most risky thing. If your photo is affected with virus, the anti-virus software present in your computer may kill the virus by deleting the photo automatically. Here virus is erased but your photo is also lost.
  • The unexpected or sudden power loss of camera or the system could lead to data loss. Capturing photo when camera is on low battery may lead to loss of that captured photo.
  • Usage of same memory card in different digital devices can also be the cause of data loss.

These are some common scenarios which you face in your daily routine. However, you can follow some precautions to avoid data loss by following below showed points;

  • Keeping backup of your important data regularly is the most basic and essential point each user of the computer or camera should follow.
  • Use good quality power supply to avoid data loss.
  • Do not remove battery or memory card when the camera is connected to the computer.

By following these steps, you may prevent data loss at some extent, but you cannot prevent it completely. The better way is to use recovery software which suits for your camera or computer based on the OS and memory card you use.

Remo Recover (Mac) – Media Edition is the powerful and best recovery application to restore all your lost, deleted, or missed files like photos, audio, video, movies and other media files. This software is available in trial version, you can download and try for its recovery performance. It is user friendly as all steps to recover lost files are mentioned clearly in the manual and snapshots. You can have the preview of your recovered data once the complete recovery process has been finished.


Recover pictures from SD cards

In 2001 Secure Digital Cards (SD card) was invented by SanDisk. SD cards use flash memory to store your photos, audio and video files in digital cameras. SD cards are slim, compact and it is easy to handle with its high portability. These cards are mainly used in portable devices like, digital cameras, handheld computers, digital video camcorders etc. SD card uses high speed data transfer capacity and are of different types, viz. mini SD cards, micro SD cards etc.  Similar to other external storage devices, SD cards are also prone to data loss. Data can be lost or deleted due to various reasons like accidental deletion, formatting or corruption of files. To recover pictures from SD card you need to have best recovery software, which helps you to recover SD card files. The software should be able to recover files from various operating systems.

The SD card recovery software recovers deleted or lost files from different data loss situations like accidental deletion of files from the SD card, loss of files due to SD card corruption, files may get corrupt due to damage in file system of SD card, loss of files while transferring photos from one SD card to another storage device etc. Accidental deletion of files may occur unexpectedly while previewing files from your digital camera by pressing the delete option. All these scenarios may lead data loss from SD card. You need to take some precautions to prevent these problems of loosing or deleting of files from your SD card or any other devices. Follow the few simple steps mentioned below to avoid data loss.

Precautionary measures to be taken are as follows:

  • Make a backup of your important data regularly.
  • Make sure that, your battery is sufficiently charged before start of transferring files from SD cards to other devices.
  • Do not remove neither battery nor card when the camera is connected to the PC.
  • Do not overwrite any new data to the damaged or affected SD card.

However, even after many precautions also, there may be still chances for accidental deletion or loosing of files. The better way to keep your data safe you need to use good SD card recovery software to restore your lost or deleted files from SD card. Before selecting any recovery software, you need to test the trail version to evaluate the chances of recovery. If you are satisfied with its trial version result, then buy the full version of the software.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is the best recovery software tool to recover all deleted or missed files from the SD card or any other external devices. The most advantage point is that, it is very easy for users to interact with this software. Because, all steps to recover deleted or missed files are mentioned very clearly with snapshots. One can follow those steps easily and recover all deleted or missed files form SD card without missing a single file also. It can be used in different operating systems like, Microsoft Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2003, and Windows server 2008 also. This software can also be used to recover files from other storage device like external hard drive and USB drives.



Advanced photo recovery software

Photos play a major role in preserving some fond memories. These images are generally stored using a memory card on a digital camera.  However, all of a sudden you discover that your images and favorite videos are lost, during that time you need to find various solutions to overcome this situation.

Data can be lost due to human errors like accidentally pressing the delete button, formatting the memory card, removing the memory card without switching off the camera, when errors occur while connecting your card to your computer and various other unknown reasons.

Whenever a memory card is corrupted, it becomes inaccessible to the users, restricting them to proceed further. In such instances use advanced photo recovery software’s that are available in the market. They are designed to recover data from almost every brand of memory cards for recovering files like JPG, JPEG, GIF, AVI, PNG, BMP, MPEG, MOV etc

Photo recovery software is specially designed to recover RAW image files deleted due to various reasons like software malfunction, virus attacks, improper removal of memory card from the digital camera, accidental deletion of photos, corruption of file structures etc.

How to recover deleted photos?

The above problems can be managed by using this photo recovery tool, which is used to restore deleted photos from the corrupted memory cards. Some of the precautions to be taken when photo loss occurs are – do not take pictures, remove the memory card and do not use it further, the camera should be switched off while removing the memory card.

This photo recovery tool uses deep scanning algorithms to find lost images and restore them safely without overwriting the original contents.

Features of a good Photo recovery tool are –

  • Recovers deleted photos
  • Recovers deleted photos, music files and video files from damaged memory cards
  • Recover  lost files from corrupted memory card
  • Saves the recovered files on a separate drive
  • Supports various brands of DSLR’s like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony etc.

Best undelete software

Data loss can happen from any storage devices like hard drive, memory cards or due to problems related to Operating system.  The main few reasons for data loss such as  files deleted emptied the recycle bin, deleting a files using Dos command, or using shift+Delete keys to delete a files, virus attack, file system corruption, software malfunction, accidentally deletion of files,  and unintentional formatting of the drive or partitions.  This makes stored files inaccessible from the hard drive.  When you delete a file from hard drive if do not gets completely removed from the hard disk only the index of the files are removed from file directory. Operating system makes space as free space available of saving new data. But still the deleted files available on the hard drive but you will not able to access the deleted files from the hard drive. In such cases if you want to restore deleted files from Windows hard drive you need to use any good undelete software to undelete deleted files.

If you are using Mac operating system use any good Mac file recovery software to restore Mac trashed files. While selecting a software check the software supports with Mac file system.

How to select good file recovery application?

Select a good file recovery software check whether the utility supports for both FAT and NTFS file system. If you are using Mac Operating system select the utility compatible with HFS and HFS+ file system. Check the utility is capable to recover files from different file type and from various data loss conditions. Download freeware demo version of the software to check the capability of the software in recovering delete files. Based on the results buy a software to recover deleted files from Windows or Mac Operating System.

Photo recovery software

In a few minutes of time the photo recovery software helps in restoring all the images which are been accidentally deleted. This software plays an immense role in recovering not only the photos but also helps for the restoration of audio and video files present in different formats like mp3 players etc. Photo recovery software supports for restoring images in varies hard drives and also the removable devices. The main highlight of this software is it uses the advanced search file method which locates the lost or deleted photos; recovers it and places the restored images into a safer location.

Is this photo recovery software different from others?

Yes, the software also supports recovery of images in RAW format which is helpful for the professional photographer. This software supports both the operating system such as Windows and Mac. In addition to it, the software helps for the user to evaluate or check the capability of the product by using or trying the demo version and moving further to the full version of the software.

If there are any problems concern with recovering music files  or thinking how to restore the music files which is been accidentally deleted can restored with the Ipod recovery software.

Deleted Files Recovery Software

If you have accidentally delete a files from your computer running on windows XP operating system, and you recognized that those files are very important. Don’t worry you can recover those deleted files by using deleted files recovery software. This application is efficient in recovering files that are deleted surpassing the recycle bin.

Recover files recycle bin


When you delete a file it’s not entirely deleted from the computer, only the pointer to the file is deleted from the file directory. When you delete a file using delete command you can easily restore the file from the recycle bin. Deleting a files using shift+ delete keys deletes the file bypassing the recycle bin. In such case you cannot restore it easily from the Recycle Bin.  If you want to recover those files deleted bypassing recycle bin, you need a deleted files recovery software.


Choose a software which can retrieve deleted files from both FAT and NTFS file system. A good utility should easily locate deleted files and restore them.  Always download the demo version of the software and evaluate the capability of the software in recovering. Follow the steps given below to restore lost files.

  • Connect the drive from which you want to recover data to a working system as a secondary drive.
  • Install the recovery application to the healthy system.
  • Run the software to restore deleted/lost files.
  • Follow the instruction to retrieve lost/deleted files.


Do not save recovered data on the same partition or drive from where you recovered deleted files.

Finding your digital pictures after an improper camera download

If you have ever downloaded a series of photographic images from your digital camera only to discover that many of them had gray pegboard like contents, then you know how easy it is for digital photos to be damaged during transfer. So many things can happen so as to interfere with the photo download process. Simply removing the digital camera memory card from the reader slot too soon will obviously interrupt the process of data transfer.

Also when information is transferred at very high speeds, as is often the case when using higher capacity secure digital memory cards part of the information being sent can be lost. This results in as previously stated the gray pegboard effect. To recover digital photos damaged during transfer you will need to use a digital media or image recovery tool that specifically supports your camera type. These software utilities allow you to recover photos from even the largest camera SD cards in just a few minutes with no prior computer technical experience required.